Enhancing fairness, equity, and inclusion in surgical training

Finding your Institution in Texas for a Better Experience in Surgical Training (FITxBEST) is a Texas-wide consortium focused on creating a more efficient and effective screening process for entry into general surgery training. The FITxBEST selection process matches applicants and programs based on FIT – not just test scores.

Our approach has inherently fewer biases than traditional measures used to screen applicants, such as standardized tests, personal statements, or unstructured interviews. We use science-backed assessments to measure candidate and program attributes like competency fit, environment fit, and preferences, and make recommendations to programs based on those matches. Once candidates are invited to on-site interviews, they will interact with faculty interviewers who have been trained to recognize and avoid unconscious biases, use only interview questions directly related to requirements of the position, and to consistently complete the evaluation tools.

Members of the FITxBEST consortium are passionate about creating a more transparent and equitable process for applicants applying to surgical residency. We also seek to reduce the time and financial burden placed upon both applicants and programs, by giving programs information about applicant competencies that they care about upfront, while also giving applicants more insight into what each program values and expects of their trainees. Our process ensures that those selected into training positions are the best fit for the demands, expectations, culture, and values of each program.

Consortium Members